high quality metalworking:

Whether standard or bespoke products, for various applications, Savekers Solutions, is positioned to provide unrivalled products and solutions across a diverse range of architectural metalwork materials and finishes.

Alongside our specialist CAD technical design team, is our comprehensive 45,000 square foot production facility, which spans laser cutting, NC bending, welding, polishing, general fabrication and chrome plating.

Our ever-growing portfolio of architectural metalwork products, recognised as one of the most comprehensive in the UK, extends to wall mounted and free standing shelving systems, a range recently enhanced with the acquisition of the Cantel Range of Retail Systems.

Other items include safety barriers, balustrades, display counters, cabinets, bar fittings, door furniture, protection screens, sliding glass track, bathroom products and security locks. Moreover, our disability range of balustrades and handrails, designed with the help of the Disability Access Charter, assists businesses in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Items are manufactured in a selection of materials including brass, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Satin and polished finishes are available, along with a wide range of powder coated finishes.

Laser Cutting

We have Laser Cutting facilities for cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium up to a maximum sheet size of 3000 mm x 1500 mm.

NC Bender

One of the latest machines to be added to our factory is the NC bender. Computer controlled, this machine can be programmed to produce accurate bends up to 180 degrees in 25mm and 51mm diameter tube. Suitable for brass, mild steel or stainless tube, this machine can rotate the tube up to 180 degrees to produce ‘S’ bends or double ramp bends.

In addition, ring rolling is also undertaken to produce large radius bends such as those used for foot and handrails. Ring rolling is available for 6mm rod, 12.7mm tube, all sizes from 19mm to 63mm tube, and assorted liner sizes.


Our welding department undertakes a variety of welding processes to suit various materials and products.

Mig welding is used for steel material where strength of the finished item is of paramount importance. Tig welding gives a neat finish and is used for visible areas on mild steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium. Gas brazing gives a neat join to brass material. And gas silver solder is used for small components where the weld needs to be delicate and precise such as for locks or for welding brass to steel.

Mirror & Satin Polishing

Mirror or satin polishing is undertaken entirely in house at our extensive production site. This ensures we can provide customers with a high quality finish, either ready to use or ready for plating. Brass, stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium products can be finished in either mirror polished or satin finishes.

The first process involves linishing or banding the items to take out any roughness or impurity from the metal. Next, mopping is undertaken to remove band marks left from the finishing process. Finally the item is colour mopped to give a perfect finish to the final product.

The polishing process uses a variety of machines depending on the size and shape of the product. Hand polishing is undertaken for products unsuitable for machine finishing.

Chrome Plating

In house chrome plating facilities with the capability of plating various metals up to 4 metres long. The chrome plating process requires the product to undergo a three part cleaning process, nickel plating and finally chrome plating. The chrome used is environmentally friendly trivalent chrome. The process does not involve heavy metals and is safe both for production staff and the environment. This electroplating plant was commissioned in 2002 and reinforces Savekers’ unique position in the UK, giving us the capacity, production capability and skills to manufacture and finish products entirely in house and on one site.

Other Processes

Other processes include fabrication by our skilled metalworkers, which is ideal for specially manufactured items such as barriers, rails and handles. Our cutting department utilises a variety of automatic, semi automatic and manual saws to cut materials to length prior to further manufacturing process being carried out. Milling, drilling, pressing and flow drilling (which gives a stronger finished fixing) are all undertaken on site. Our dedicated assembly team ensures that goods are assembled, inspected and prepared for despatch, together with the appropriate paperwork.

The polishing process uses a variety of machines depending on the size and shape of the product. Hand polishing is undertaken for products unsuitable for machine finishing.