Cantel Accessories


Arm for use with oval tube or rails. Available as lightweight version in 6.4mm dia rod for 150mm, 200mm or 250mm overall projection or heavy-duty version in 8mm dia rod for 300mm, 350mm or 400mm. Can be specified with either 30 or 90 deg upturned end. Chrome plated.


Sloping notched hanging arm for use with oval tube or rails. Has 12 or 16 notches to accept display hangers. Overall projection 320mm with 30 deg slope for 12 notch or 410mm 16 notch. Chrome plated.


Sloping ball hanging arm for use with oval tube or rail. Provides 30 deg slope and includes 12 balls. Overall projection from front of tube 360mm. Chrome plated.


‘P’ shaped hanging rail for use with slotted sections. 300mm maximum projection x 1m overall width. Available as left hand or right hand. Manufactured in oval tube 30mm x 15mm. Chrome plated.

Can't find exactly what you are looking for? That is OK, because if you send us a drawing we will be able to make it for you.
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